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A film by nature filmmaker and environmental activist Dimitry Ljasuk will soon break out of Central Europe and conquer the world. The film titled Island of Good Hope (Jóreménység-sziget) is now available on the flights of Emirates Airlines.

Lake Tisza above the clouds

The story of Lake Tisza, the film Island of Good Hope, is now available to even more people after conquering Central Europe. Dimitry Ljasuk’s film is being shown on all flights of one of the world’s largest international airlines. The good news was announced by the filmmaker himself on his Facebook page.

You can now watch Island of Good Hope on all Emirates Airlines flights! This is a big deal for my independent film, which starts from the banks of the Tisza, as Emirates is one of the world’s largest international airlines, flying to 158 destinations in 85 countries on 6 continents,

Ljasuk wrote in his Facebook post.

Now many, many nations can experience the story set on Lake Tisza. I am proud and honoured! I hope one day I will have the opportunity to watch it on one of the flights above the clouds,

he concluded.

The film: Island of Good Hope

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the protagonist decides to voluntarily quarantine himself on a tiny deserted island in Lake Tisza. On the island is a small hut that he and his father had built years earlier. However, their dream could not be completed because the father had died in the meantime, Lelépő writes. The boy wants to get out of his rut and face himself, so he returns to the island after seven years, at the time of the pandemic.

However, after what seems like an adventure, he is soon tested by loneliness, which reveals his weaknesses and fears. The wonderful nature, the healing power of the Tisza, the nomadic life and the old teachings of his father slowly change his values. He understands what is really important in life and what is not.

Based on real events, the movie Island of Good Hope is a story about the power of loneliness, perseverance, dreams, retreating to nature, father-son relationships and letting go, Lelépő writes.

island of good hope film emirates

PrtSc/YouTube (Ljasuk Dimitry)

About Dimitry Ljasuk

Dimitry Lyasuk is a Hungarian-Ukrainian independent filmmaker, environmental activist and advertising specialist born in the Soviet Union.

The director is mainly known for his documentary In the Name of the Tisza, his feature film The Island of Hope and his environmental work. His style, vision and message are different from the usual, as he combines the documentary genre with the classic nature and art film style. In 2018, he started his old dream of filmmaking (which has already brought him international fame). In his everyday life, he works as an advertising specialist.

Watch the teaser below (English subtitles are available):

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