Serbia, UAE sign MoU on development and application of AI


DUBAI – Serbia and the UAE signed on Tuesday a MoU on development and application of artificial intelligence (AI).

Serbian PM Ana Brnabic said it was important for Serbia to keep up with trends and that the MoU meant “even closer cooperation between Serbia and the UAE in the field of development and application of AI.”

“Specifically, the UAE has developed its own language model that serves the purpose of teaching a computer something and sending data to it, and then it processes that data and provides answers to various questions,” Brnabic told reporters in Dubai.

She said the model was practically an equivalent of US-based ChatGPT and that, under the MoU, Serbian scientific institutes, startups and other entities were allowed to use it.

“So this is a good start, but we must also develop our own language models and, with this as a foundation, it will be easier for us to do so. I am not sure how to best explain in simple language how important these technologies are as part of AI for our companies and our administration. It is definitely important to keep up with all trends and establish partnerships with the UAE,” Brnabic said.