UAE: Fyonlli launches sustainable flowers and gifting platform


Fyonlli has launched its fresh flowers and gifting platform serving the UAE and the Middle East with a focus on a sustainable approach when it comes to buying and sending flowers. By offering direct access to flowers sourced from farms across the globe, Fyonlli aims to ensure that customers in Dubai and beyond can enjoy fresh flowers delivered straight to their doorsteps.

The service connects customers with a variety of flowers from countries including Holland, New Zealand, South Africa, America, Australia, and Columbia. This direct-from-farm model helps keep the flowers fresh and supports more sustainable practices by reducing the number of steps in the supply chain.

Fyonlli’s model allows customers to choose flowers that have been carefully grown and picked at partner farms around the world. This process ensures that the flowers that arrive at your home are as fresh as possible. Moreover, the company’s commitment to reducing the carbon footprint associated with traditional flower delivery services aligns with growing consumer demand for more environmentally friendly options.

The platform is designed to be user-friendly, acknowledging that customers appreciate simplicity and efficiency when it comes to online shopping. The secure website offers a hassle-free experience from browsing to payment, making it easy for customers to order flowers anytime and anywhere.

Founded by Laxman Singh, Fyonlli is poised to start its operations in Dubai, with plans to extend its services across the Middle East. The company’s vision is to offer an alternative to traditional flower shopping, providing both variety and quality without compromising on the freshness of the product.

In addition to focusing on customer satisfaction, Fyonlli is also committed to supporting sustainable and ethical farming practices. By partnering with farms around the world, the company not only ensures a steady supply of fresh flowers but also contributes to the well-being of these farming communities.

As Fyonlli prepares for its launch in Dubai and looks toward future expansion in the Middle East, it aims to offer a service that stands out for its quality, convenience, and commitment to sustainability. The company believes that by offering a direct link between global farms and consumers, it can provide a valuable service that enhances the experience of sending and receiving flowers.

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Tel.: +971 56 880 0422