Uzbekistan’s first wind power plant powers 155,908 households


The first wind power plant in Uzbekistan’s Navoiy region, built by the United Arab Emirates company “Masdar”, has begun producing electricity equivalent to the monthly consumption of 155,908 households. This plant, with a capacity of 500 MW, is a significant step towards a sustainable future.

Photo: Uzbekistan’s first wind power plant powers 155,908 households 
Source: Freepik

The first 100 MW of this power plant was commissioned in December. In a short span, the plant produced 31.18mn kWh of electricity. This production led to a saving of 9.4mn cubic meters of gas and prevented the release of 13,000 tons of harmful gases into the atmosphere.

The next 200 MW capacity of this wind power plant is scheduled to be commissioned by the end of this year, and the plant is expected to be fully operational by 2025.

Photo: Uzbekistan’s first wind power plant powers 155,908 households 
Source: Arabian Business

As part of the project, 4.7 MW turbines from the “Goldwind” company, a Chinese multinational wind turbine manufacturer, are being installed. These turbines, standing at a height of 97 meters with wind blades measuring 77 meters, are a testament to the scale of the project. To date, 34 wind turbines have been installed, and a total of 111 wind turbines will be installed within this large project.

Wind power is one of the fastest-growing energy sources in the world. As of 2021, the wind power capacity installed worldwide reached 837 GW. In 2022, wind supplied over 2000 TWh of electricity, which was over 7% of world electricity. With about 100 GW added during 2021, mostly in China and the United States, global installed wind power capacity exceeded 800 GW. The Navoiy wind power plant, once fully operational, will contribute significantly to these global figures.

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